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Uemployment has me depressed.


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My situation is complicated - you see I live with my dad and he is also would be my ride to a potential job. I can't drive his car, becuase it's a company car. He wont help me get a bus pass, so I have to rely on him for a ride. I've already have had to turn down three really good jobs offers becuase my Father refused to take me. I am so grateful for my Father, but I'm frustrated -- I don't think he wants me to grow up. After my Mother left us, he's been really lonely and clingy to me and my sisters. He also thinks that because I have depression it makes me incompetent, he keeps pushing me to try to get disablity, but I keep telling him "I'm not disabled!" I really don't know what to do, but just wait and find a job that is really close by and fits his schedule. I've tried talking to him about it, but he always shut me down or yells at me. I don't want to live with my father for the rest of my life.

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