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I can't cope with my sexually intursive thoughts!


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I have Ocd and depression and whenever I'm masturbating to women (my own age) images of kids pop up into my head, I can't take it, I'm a pervert. I have a little sister -- I feel like commiting suicide over this! Whats wrong with me! I keep masturbating to get it perfect but nothing works. I keep looking at pics and vids of women. and then when I oragasim or after... boom sick disgusting things. Normal people don't have these things! I'm a total creep. could you image if my family found out? I should be castrated or murdered. I've had enough, I'm done. if only i had a gun. there is no reason for me to live.

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I'm sorry you're feeling so distressed, dvn. Can you call a professional and get help for yourself?

Have you tried interrupting the thoughts when they occur? Maybe go outside for a walk or do something that eases your tension? If you can, try not to attach labels to yourself or beat yourself down. With OCD, it's usually about the pattern of thought and not specifically what the thoughts are about.

Please call someone if you do not feel safe.

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