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Hi Cece d,

I am so sorry about your dad. I lived with someone who had cancer and went through radiation and chemotherapy. It was very tough for everyone.

I think that if your dad is a fighter ( which sounds like he is), the whole process would probably feel like a bump on a road. Chemotherapy can be very exhausting though. Just be there for him. I don't know how far you guys live from each other, but maybe spending some quality time between treatments would be very uplifting for him.

I hope he gets well soon.


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I’m sorry that your father is ill, Cece. My mom had cancer too and was also very guarded with her feelings. I agree with Lana to be there for him as much as you are able to. Ask him what he needs and if you can help. I would also suggest expressing your appreciation and love for him. I never did that with my mom and I still deeply regret it. It’s also important to be mindful of your needs during this. Reach out and ask for support from friends and family. Hopefully you can lean on each other through this.

I wish your father wellness and healing.

Take care, Cece.

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4 weeks into therapy and I call every week. He calls me back when he's knows I'm working and won't return my calls when I'm able to talk.

I feel like I am being excluded. I am beyond hurt, this experience has made me realize just how removed I am from my dad's life.

I guess I kinda knew it but this reinforces it. I left my dad at 15 and moved in with my mom. We haven't been close since. I guess advanced cancer can't even change it.

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