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Purpose of my life and goals/achievements???


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I always been thinking about the purpose of my life and goals/achievements in life but no matter how much i think i cant decide or know i love drawing abd writting but i just dont view being an artist or an author as my goal, i never had any interest or even a 'dream job' as a child i just dont know life without goals seems useless and boring this is why im depressed sometimes

I keep hating life for no reason especially when i started watching anime i've wishing since then if the world was like anime way especially like 'naruto' and those i cant rid of this i keep feeling that my mind isn't in this world

Can someone please help me or at least tell me whats this thing happening to me

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Being a teenager can be a stressful time. It's okay if you aren't sure just yet what you want to do for a living. It may become clearer to you over the next few years. If goals are helpful to you, maybe you could start out by setting some small goals for yourself. What do you think?

Why do you think anime is appealing to you?

Would socializing with friends or participating in enjoyable activities relieve some pressure? I hope you are able to get out and have fun.

Take care of yourself, Rose. I hope you feel better.

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For those of us who aren't regular viewers of "Naruto" (I've seen a little of it but not much), what is the world like, in "Naruto"? I assume there's evil to be fought, and heros who fight it ... Why is that not possible in this world?

There are so many battles, so many petty evils, so many overstretched people fighting them ... Disease, warfare, natural disasters, crime and house fires. And the people who fight them, doctors and nurses, warriors and peacemakers, aid workers, police and firefighters. The world is full of heroes ... They could use a hand, especially from someone who cares. Even if it's just telling their stories, in words and images, inspiring others to do what they can.

Your purpose, Rose, just like everybody else's, is to be yourself. Not one single other person is capable of doing that job; besides, they're having a hard enough time being themselves. ;-)

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Thanks for answering (:


Yes it may help

Yes socializing helps but then after a while everything goes back to the way it was

From one of the reasons why i like anime because anime world and anime life's characters is adventurous and things which aren't in our real world

And thank u (:



Yes you're right but anime world is so fascinating and all

Yes thank u (:

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