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Hello, Chloem, welcome! :)

It's great to hear about your recovery! Thanks for sharing your experience and letting us know about the book that helped you.

Are you interested in sharing more about the way you recovered? (For those who, for some reasons, can't buy the book.)

Positive thinking is a well known recommendation but it's very very hard for most people in depression or with some other mental problems to use it - it seems even impossible to them ("negative cognitive bias" is one of the symptoms of depression!). I mostly wonder about the way the book was able to convince you, to make you believe it would work. I suppose it's something hard or impossible to describe and to "copy" by someone else (everybody has to find his/her own way), but nevertheless, it would be undoubtedly interesting to hear about your way of succeeding.

Take care!

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That is utterly glorious. I'm happy I joined these forums, specifically because you're success actually helped me emerge from my immense slump. I wish that you may continue with your happiness in life, and I send you all the love as one human to another.

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