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Long penis but not girth


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Okay, I'll approve it, but I get first crack at answering.

I'm not sure you've understood why the SPS forum exists. No one here is going to be able to tell you what to expect; how would we know?

You assume:

  1. That a set of numbers determine the outcome.
  2. That how you feel about the girl, and how she feels about you, don't determine anything.
  3. That it's possible to predict outcomes at all.

We can encourage you to find someone willing, and to go ahead and try having sex. We can encourage you not to take her response personally; a woman's response is not entirely in your hands (or genitalia.) What we can't do is tell you whether your penis is "good" or not ...

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1. don't determine totally but have a major impact

2. agreed- feelings are major factors- but cannot always override 'dealbreakers'

3. you can have reasonable guesses.... having a 1/2 inch penis would reduce your chances of marriage to close to 0% but being tall, rich, healthy and well endowed increases your chances to 99%.

Not taking a sexual rejection due to a non changeable body part is very difficult NOT to take personally- assuming a functioning cortex and non sociopath status.

In answer to the OPs question its difficult- for sure some girls will not like the lack of girth but I bet some will think its fine.

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