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Can't decide

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My brother has always loved me he takes care of me and stuff but in a way he bullies me. He never touches me in any inappropriate way but he grabs my hair and drags me down. He hurts me. Earlier today he hurt my jaw which I have major problems with he calls me fat,stupid, no life ,dumbass, worthless anything else you can think of.... My mom watches and she just says he is playing but she doesn't know that it hurts me.... I planned everything out I was going to say bye to my family and just drink sleeping pills and never wake up. I don't know if I should do it because I want to reach an older age where I can finally do what I want.... Please help me and tell me what should I do ....

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What was the bubble wrap supposed to be for?

Keep documenting, Eii.

Have you considered the other option, standing up to him? Maybe, in a calm moment, talk to him about how his treatment makes you feel. And then refuse to cooperate ...

It might also be useful, on a parallel track, to make a catalog of things that aren't insane. Okay, your mother and your brother treat you badly. I'm sure that makes the world seem a very confusing and frightening and lonely place. But the world can stay sane if you can; so far you've only mentioned two people in it. Do you have any option to talk to your father? How about friends, or parents of friends?

How other people treat you, even important people like your family, doesn't mean you have to die. It might just mean you need to find some other people.

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