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Do you ever stop and think "a child has a bigger dick than me"?


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I don't really struggle anymore with my size (which isn't so bad to begin with) but I can totally understand where you're coming from. I recently saw my friend changing his young (maybe 3 or 4 yrs old) son's clothes off to the side of a pool I was swimming in. The kid looks like he's going to be a big "show-er" some day. It couldn't help but feel a few of those pangs of jealousy that used to haunt me all the time.

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Yep - often

I remember Big Brother in the UK a few years ago when a female contestant lamented on her fellow housemates size.

She said he was like a 5 year olds.

The press gave the guy a really hard time over his size- ruined his post house career effectively.

Who was that? just curious. What season and what country?

Why we may get grief over our sizes we'll never have it on that scale where half the nation knows about it from being on TV lol! seriously I bet wherever that guy goes, anyone who knows who he is instantly puts up the inch sign at him with their fingers.

Also @ u.r.what.u.is:

Remember most show-er's are only show-er's. You'll find most men who are larger than normal when flaccid are not much larger when erect which always brought be some comfort as a teen knowing guys with 5 or so inch flaccid cocks were not 9 or something inches when erect which you would think. But rather around 6 inches. The average.

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