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Crying over a 4" penis? please I wish mine was that big. My penis is only about 2 1/2 " erect and only 1/2" flaccid. You say sex is bad well I'm a 45 year old virgin because I can't have sex with such a small penis. Even going to bathroom Is a problem. I have to wait for a stall when out for fear of being seen and (especially on cold days when it becomes like a belly button) sometimes I pee on myself trying to go. In place of sex I do S&M role play but need to hire a escort for that because I can never have a girl friend; then I must explain to the escort before we start that my penis is so small.

I never found out too much and never went to doctor about it because I was always way too embarrassed. When I was about 30 I did some online research that said if you had the mumps or blow to the head when young it could damage the gland that produces testosterone for male development. I had both happen to me when I was an infant. It said that treatments while teenager of testosterone injections could help but the older you got the more dangerous and ineffective it was so that was too late. Now I read about this micro penis where the damage could happen while in the womb and anyone born this way was recommended by doctors to parents to raise child as a girl! WHAT!!! thats messed up anyway you look at it but I wasn't raised as girl so here I am a freak. I don't know which case I am or why Its sooo tiny but it's a secret handicap.

A operation is too expensive and too dangerous so I will be lonely my whole life.

The worst thing is that I will never be able to make my parents grandparents and I believe my whole family thinks I'm gay because I'm never with a woman. How can I be with a woman though but what can I say to my parents? "Don't worry mom and dad I'm not gay I just can't be with a woman because my penis is too small"

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I wouldn't fret about the gay issue as your mom will have noticed your size as an infant.

Probably your dad too.

She will likely know why you are single- no need to have an agonising conversation,

There is no need to be lonely as you can make friends in many ways - size is a non issue there.

You may or may not find a romantic partner but try to stay positive - easier said than done perhaps but worth trying.

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