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New member here... Sad problems


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First off, I'm a 41 year old Canadian male. I've had two girlfriends my entire life (one was for over 6 years). I have an amazing embarrassing small penis. I have honestly never measured it (don't need too... I know it's friggin small).

Secondly, I'm not that attractive. I'm actually ugly. I hate saying that about myself. To make matters worse, I have a glass eye due to a childhood injury. That is another strike against me and my looks. Couple that with my small penis, and you can see why my self confidence is nil.

Thirdly, I have gynocomastia (the start of a breast on my right side). I can never go shirtless.. Ever! Granted it's not too big but it is noticeable.

Lost count? That's three things in my life that have made me ugly... None of which I have control over. And to a man.. These are three things that are super important (to go shirtless, to have nice eyes, and to have adequate cockage, lol).

I'm not done yet. My teeth are ok, but they could use some work. I have eczema around my eyes (really bad around my glass eye). No medical creames I have tried have successfully worked on them. These are hygiene issues, and can be worked on.

After reading other posts here about others wanting to commit suicide over their small penis... I don't blame you one bit. I have had so many awful experiences with my own tiny schlong that I've just simply given up trying to make any woman happy! It sucks. But... I would never commit suicide nor do I want anyone here on this forum to over a tiny penis.

I'm pretty sure I have it worse than most people here (in fact... Of all the stuff I just shared with you, there's even more embarrassing stuff I won't share... Yet).

So to all the guys here that are reading this... Try having a small penis AND a partial female breast on one side of your chest. It's frigging humiliating. And besides, chances are my penis is smaller than most men on here. If we were allowed to take pics of it and share it here I would.

Anyways, thank you to anyone who read my long small penis rant. Thank you for allowing me to have a forum where I can vent and share my opinions.


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Liposuction can be effective for gynocomastia, I would encourage you to look into it. Eczema can be treated to various degrees of success via medications.

The other 2 things there is not much that can be done (that I know of) so why worry about it? I am not tiny but am below average for sure so I can relate and believe me I am far from handsome.

Men are happiest when we are feeling confident. Find something you are good at and do that like crazy. Women almost always say they are turned on by confidence. Guys in our boat won't be dating Kate Upton but that does not mean we can't find someone.

Let me know your thoughts.

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