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I had posted this in another forum, but i need an answer... I was feeling suicidal before and now with this problem, i don't have any interests in life no more... I will lose my girl...

Hello, i'm 17 and for some reason my libido is zero. I can't feel excited with any kind of sexual stimulation. This days i tried to have sex with my girlfriend and i failed 4 times to have an erection (in different days) and after each failure my feelings was starting to get weaker and weaker. Now, the most sensual stimulations make no difference for me and i'm going mad with this because i will never have normal sex this way! Before these experiences the sexual atraction was a very strong trait in my thoughts... I don't know how to fix it.

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Canino ... usually, when our brain interferes in the sex act, it's because it needs to. Certainly, there's no need to panic, and assume that it means you're never going to have good sex. There are all sorts of reasons why a person might lose their libido (desire for sex). Among them are depression, anxiety, suppressed anger at the partner, and many others. There are also sometimes physical reasons, as VictimofBullying points out.

It's important, though, not to let the whole thing make you even more anxious. That's a positive feedback loop: it only gets worse. Try talking to your girlfriend and letting her know what you're feeling (or not feeling, whichever). I can't guarantee she'll understand, but if she cares about you, it's likely that she'll try to understand.

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