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Adverts that ridicule small penises


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One thing that demonstrates how disgraceful and disgusting small dicks are is the prevalence of certain insults.

We all know women will suggest a guy has a small dick as an easy insult….

But now Australia are using this disgrace to prevent speeding.

they now have adverts saying speeding drivers have small dicks.

And the USA now has a campaign saying gun owners have small dicks…

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My personal view, based on research and direct observation of female comments is that a white guy with at least bone pressed erect 6 inches and at least 5in girth is ok.

In 30 yrs time that minimum may go upwards by 1/2 inch in both directions but right now I think thats true.

Thats not to say a guy with 6x5 wont be rejected by some girls- but most girls will be ok with that size.

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Then the doctor needs to look at the statistics and educate himself (or, less likely IMO, herself.)

4.5" is certainly clearly below average - but it isn't even near to being clinically abnormal. It is relatively unusual - but not rare or exotic.

Re. the video

What is it supposed to prove, Jessie? This just shows a bunch of woman saying "Oh yeah, size matters yadda yadda yadda..." Is it a representative sample of women? Are these even all the women they spoke to? Are we being shown all of the video footage? (I somehow suspect not.) For all we know, they may have spoken to dozens and dozens of other women who said things like: "nah, doesn't matter" or "get lost" or "penis size doesn't interest me", etc. We are only being being shown what we are being shown.

Have another look at the readers poll under the article I linked to the other day, which is roughly: 40% Size matters; 30% Size doesn't matter; 30% Don't know. This poll seems a whole lot more plausible to me than a carefully edited video-clip put together by someone who very evidently had a particular agenda to push. (You yourself have pointed out how the penis enlargement industry tries to stoke up mens' insecurity to fuel their trade. Has it ever occurred to you that they might be behind some of the gunk and waffle on youtube??)

The doctor was registering surprise because thats smaller than what he/she is used to in their career experience.

Remember bone pressed white erect is 6.5 so 4.5 would be well under normal.

The clip showed ubiquitous attitudes which I have seen in real life countless times and can be replicated in many sources that I have already quoted.

In the simplistic survey you allude to its a possible 70% that think size matters and I would bet that a 'proper conversation' would move that up to 99% pretty rapidly.

the question 'does size matter' can perhaps be answered "not really' for some girls but hang around along enough and then you get "unless its really small'

or rephrase the question e.g. "would you marry a man with a 3 inch erect penis" "or 4 inch girth"

The percentages would change…

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Roger if you have a reasonable girth and almost average length then its no wonder your experiences are markedly different than mine, and a few others here…

I have been careful in choosing my partners- all 5 left me - all due to size to the best of my knowledge.. but for a few extra cm of flesh my life would be dramatically different… I would not be on this site… I would perhaps be married to my 1st love…

I have heard and seen 1st hand, women say utterly withering things about small penises they have experienced…

Thats my experience and reality. If it wasnt I would never have come here…

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