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What is that feeling called, which you get in your heart (literally) when you are having an exceptionally bad day (emotional stress) while you are clinically depressed?

Is it also called anxiety, because I have experienced GAD & I feel that both are distinct??

I need to know because I have to tell my doctor about it.

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My suggestion is to just describe it to him. Having us try to guess a name for it is just going to limit the possibilities that he considers.

I've had panic attacks when I didn't even realize, consciously, that I was worrying. Don't rule them out too quickly. Anxiety and depression often go together. (I could tell they were panic attacks because when I made an effort to calm myself, they went away, which made me realize that I must not have been calm before. It is possible for a state of anxiety to start to seem like a person's "normal", if they're anxious most of the time.)

But, you're the one experiencing it. About all you can do is describe to the doc what's different about it. Get whatever tests he suggests (it helps with the anxiety), and let the doc decide.

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If you feel broken-hearted, then I would say, call it that.

It's not a syndrome, though; it's a normal way that lots of people have felt.

Which means, it's survivable.

Homeopaths are people too; I'm sure they've heard of it.

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