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I don't know if it's just me but when I look at the other teenagers of my own age(16) I see a dying generation. Even in the younger children I've heard things like little boys of age 7-10 getting raped by other little girls and the obvious thing which is drugs in school smoking problems increase number of bullies etc.

I'm left out of this cycle not only because I have good parents but because I take the time to look at the world and think what is wrong and why don't others my age think about this and the things they do that are ruining their lives. It's like they actually want to be ignorant, ignorance is bliss they don't look at the world because they are afraid of it.

One of the reasons I like myself now is I'm gratful for a Neurological syndrome I have called aspurgers which allows me to see these things which is very general, you can look up aspergers on your own time if you would like. I would really like to know what is wrong with the youth. Is it only bad parenting, is it genetics and fearful genes are just being passed on, is it just a disease of kids being jerks making others want to be jerks rapists making rapists addicts making addicts.

What is wrong with this generation and how can we help, grownups and even people like me who actually give a... crud. and do you think that this stupid cycle will last for the rest of our time on Earth, maybe We'll live to see the day where the youth become better, secure, caring though I guess we'll just have to wait and see and hope for the best for the people of my generation. let me have a consult what do you think about what is going on with the youth.

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Hey Ob1one, I would suggest not to project or draw conclusions based from the teenage years. Some people experiment a great deal at that age. The real concern is to ensure that youth have an outlet of sorts when facing challenges. Ideally, whenever teens have something serious on their mind, they should feel comfortable talking about it in confidence with a counselor, family, and friends. The worst situation is when young people have concerns they need to talk about, but do not feel able to discuss them with anyone.

Also, people in general will always need to be diligent regarding education because it is a public good. As such, it is probably one of the first government responsibilities to scrooge on. The consequences of an eroding education system do not make themselves apparent until years later when it becomes ridiculously obvious. If you ever befriend a teacher, the stories of underperforming children and strange rules focused on appearances rather than merits are enough to break one's faith in the public school system. So, I suppose this means that the burden rests more with private citizens to ensure that every student is not “left behind”. Tutor! Try to buff up on the fundamentals of a particular subject and make yourself readily available to help students. Should you notice classmates fall behind, try to teach them, encourage them to seek out the teacher for further elaboration, maybe make a club about a particular subject to encourage a collaborative environment.

There will always be jerks who ask for homework and such, but despite this, it really hurts when students fall behind since they also lose confidence in themselves and their intelligence. Even undergraduate students are easily embarassed.

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Oh, I think that the "news" of all the awful things people do to each other is part of the problem. The way the "news cycle" works these days, they need more and more lurid stories about shocking things, just to get people's attention. I would submit that most of these awful things happened just as much before; we just didn't hear about them.

So I would tend to take heart from all the young people you might know who do care, and who are trying to do something to help, including yourself, Ob1one, and not worry about any generation "dying".

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I think that it has always been like this... But now we here about it so much more often. In the media, and what is going on with our next door neighbor. People arejust more aware . Back in the old days things were kept a secret. Everything was kept in the family.. It went on, but it was hidden better. the child abuse, and everything Bad .

Yes, I agree the media protrays the violence and ugliness in todays society. Do not feel like that is the norm. I still believe that most people are good and do not do these things to each other or family.

Yes, I have a son with Asperger's . I know the disability well. But, I still am a mom to him , and keep him protected from the outside world. My son dwells on that kind of negaitivity. He does not forget either. I choose to try and give him positive things in his life to think about, and not the evil.

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Consider this timely article by USAT: 1 in 7 U.S. adults are unable to read this story.

Clearly many students who have fallen behind the curriculum keep to themselves, and lose confidence in their ability to learn. Thus, people need to reach out and do more to fill the gap the public education system has left in the short term. For the long term, write your local representative and complain about this 1 in 7 statistic. If this is true, your neighbour may not be able to read the newspaper, the manuals for gadgets, or anything of use. This is total disenfranchisement. People will find it difficult to represent or look after their own interests when they can't even read to help themselves. It hurts.

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