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Hi. I guess I'm new here. I registered because I just had a talk with my parents. Well, more like they talked at me before they realized I hadn't said anything, then started yelling at me for never talking to them.

I don't know how to go about this. If I should make a post here, if I should put it in the depression thread, I don't want to do anything wrong.

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Welcome to the community.

No worries about posting in the wrong forum. What is important is that you reached out. We are here to listen.

It's good you talked with your parents. Even though it did not go perfectly, were they supportive? I hope so. Would it help to express more here about what has been troubling you?

Take care.

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The cool thing is that we're not too concerned about what "wrong" is.

Parents are tough for teenagers, and of course vice versa. Defusing situations that get out of hand is a good idea, but it's important to go back when things calm down and take up the conversation again. Clearly, your parents had something on their minds that they felt was important; that might make it important to you too.

On the flip side, something about the process made you seek us out, and we're looking forward to hearing more about it.

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