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Look, tossing out my baggage on a site like this was impulsive and rare in any circumstance. It was alot of real heavy s--t im so not retyping, & if the problem was that the post was somehow lost, so be it, take none of this to heart, but really, idk what the standard is but in a case where someone jumps out the window & starts an account on something like this, pours s--t out, posts, (& I know things need 2b reviewed) but after 45+ minuts doesnt even see the post much less a response, well thank you, its been quite helpful.

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Sorry about the delay, but all first posts are screened by our moderators because otherwise, we might easily be overwhelmed by spam. It really had nothing to do with the content of your post. And since our regular moderators are now limited to me and IrmaJean, and I don't get online even every day, you may have to modify your expectation of our ability to respond.

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