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I relapsed tonight for the first time in about a year and I just feel so sick to my stomach and mad at myself but still alarmingly numb. I let myself get upset over a small stupid thing like always. I never have a reason that makes sense to anyone.

My dad and little sister are coming this weekend. I really don't want them to see the cuts. I didn't even stop and think about what effect it could have, I just did it. So stupid and selfish. Again.

I honestly really don't know what to feel right now. Please help.

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Welcome, chex2.

I'm sorry you're feeling so distressed. :( I do notice that you're being very harsh with yourself. I hope you will not judge you. Is there anyone there with you who you feel safe sharing your feelings with? You are always welcome to share your feelings here as well.

Take care, chex2. I hope you feel better.

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