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Just Saw a Wonderful Small Penis Facebook Meme

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So I am in a fun closed FB group about fitness and someone posted something that just hit us below the belt again. There was a picture of a very nice looking full figured gal in a bikini with the caption...."If I am too big for you maybe you don't have the right equipment." Ba Ha Ha and everyone laughed and liked it and oh it's just so fun to insult guys with small cocks isn't it?

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Timmy...I only want to tell to you. Please, don´t focus on this thing. There are too many people in the world. I´m not telling you that this size jokes are not common in our societies...

I try to tell to you, focus on people that dont give a fuck to such stupid jokes. You had see that, ok, I will close this group. I don´t want to waste my time with those kids jokes.

Exist other people with more empathy to the others. People with experience in life that know that everypeople had problems in their lifes...try to contact to them,

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