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You ever get sucked into reading about size preferences? And read a bunch of stuff about all the benefits of a larger size, and all the things a bigger size is able to do?

You know it will just kill whatever self esteem you have, but you read anyway.

Well, I just finished making my way through the wringer. I don't know why I did it, I knew what the result would be.

But anyway. Just thought I'd share with whoever gave a shit.

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People are allowed to have their preferences.

There is more to life than dick size.

I don't blame anyone for having a preference, it just sucks when you really think about the reality of it.

"There is more to life than dick size"

Despite the obvious truth in this, it's something I have to constantly remind myself of.

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"You know it will just kill whatever self esteem you have, but you read anyway."

I would rather focus on this aspect, if only because it involves the part you can change. And I'm not saying hide from the facts; what I'm wondering about is the compulsion to grind your face in (what you see as) the facts.

No one is perfect; we all have a list of things we'd like to change about ourselves. Some of those things may not be changeable. Some of those things may even be facts.

But we do get to choose our focus. You could go over and over your list of problems; think of all the ways you're not "as good" as your friends or those around you; search out information on the internet that confirms your "badness".

Or ... you can decide that you're who you are; that everybody has their problems, including those around you, and that the internet is a tool that can be misused, just like any other tool.

One important thought is that not only can you choose differently in the future, but for some reason, you're choosing what you're choosing, right now. The reason for that choice may be worth asking yourself about.

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