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No more ice creams



I am free at last. I gave my thesis, I am going to take my paper with the other students on Friday and next week I am eating just 2 ice creams a month. Also walk and get thin :(

I made a beautiful cover for my thesis, showing that I am not only a musician but a graphic designer as well. Crazy me!

Right now I am a little busy, having a seminar to attend. The teacher is the happiest person in the world. He lived 22 years in Tanzania and studied their music. He says that the god of music is Bach (of course). The very next music god is the Pygmies. I can't blame him. Wow these people must have separated their mind in 5 areas to be able and sing like that. Even the little kids sing and they do it sooo good (or should I say so god?), it's a part of their daily life.

Anyway, random thoughts but, who cares, it's 4.30 in the morning...and I am free...

Today I had a phone chat with the drummer... he told me that I am the head of the group... I know music better than anyone, I wrote a song (thank you Sue for the inspiration), I even sing better than the group singer. He wasn't in a gossip mood, he isn't that kind of person. And that makes it look a great compliment to me.

I want a new mobile phone. I think I have found it... here I come LG GC900!

After that, my degree ceremony is coming and after that, here comes Bobby McFerrin!

And then it's summer time!

And Jerry Lee Lewis!

Is it going to be a happy period or what? ;)

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