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Getting better



Last night was weird. Tried to skip seroquel dose so that I could wake early and found myself unable to sleep. Like heart pounding, teeth grinding, scared of the bedroom ceiling kind of insomnia. Felt a lot like the mother character in Requiem for a dream where she freaks out & thinks the refrigerator is trying to attack her.

So I took seroquel at around 1 AM and boy did I sleep after that. Getting up in the morning was not easy. Morning routine is getting easier but still took 1.25 hours and I forgot to have breakfast. Was in a fog until 1500 and feel much better now. Had a relatively productive day.


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I think I asked in a previous post if you considered taking a half dose. I don't recall hearing your answer so I pose the question again.

I did try taking a half dose (50mg pill cut in two) but nothing happened for about two hours, then I took the other half and was knocked out. I am now up to 150 mg and to be honest I don't notice a lot of difference between 50 mg and 150 mg but that may be simply because my body is getting used to the med. I will definitely discuss dosing levels with pdoc at next appt (23 dec)

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