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To H.B.



The world is a better place having had you in it. You are everything that is right with the world, except for the thing that killed you. Out of all my family and friends, you would be the one I would emulate. You stood up for what you believed in, and you have inspired others to do the same. You touched so many lives. I wish you would have had a little more time to touch even more. Your humor, your generosity, your spirit, your integrity - it all will be remembered - and missed. You, who were so comfortable in the company of dignitaries - managed to make one invisible girl feel visible, if only for a moment.

You were taken away from this world at 61. But I know you have experienced life more fully than any of us ever will. So you have taught us all a lesson, and - like "The King" - you will live forever.


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Wow, what a touching letter. I would say pretty much the same thing to my beloved grandmother who did the same for me.

It is amazing the people who touch our lives in the simplest ways, and they will forever live in our hearts.

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No problem at all - I see that I did not refer to him as "he" or "she". And my comment about "emulating" them would certainly make more sense to somebody reading it that they were female.

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