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Only half way



It seems every thing only ever gets half way. Life the question if each time you move an object halfway to the wall will will never get to the wall. That is what it feels like. That is what my life feels like.

March 4th, divorce court again. Again my wife has not done what she should have. This judge is concerned about her claims of me. He asks about the Children's Aid Society's report on their investigation. We have no report, were never given one. He orders them to investigate again. I still am supporting the kids. My youngest, my daughter, will be 16 May 1. Generally at that point she can make her own choices, but the judge sees she has a learning disability and seems to think she is intellectually challenged. So even though I have been taking care of them for over three years, no child support is ordered. No sale of the house is ordered. Delay.

The part time job is still on delay. Toronto got a new Mayor who is all about cutting costs so they are wary about cutting any rules. SO even though there is really only one choice assigning the contract gets delayed and so does my part time tasks. When will it happen? No one knows. Delay

Criminal trial, put off until later in the month at which point we have to wait again for the decision. Delay.

I have seem the promises before. It will be over by X date and it isn't. It never is. It is only ever half way.


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It seems that nothing in the Canadian legal system goes quickly. In the U.S., Bernie Madoff was investigated, found guilty and thrown in jail in under a year. Up here, look at Nortel, at Norshield (hedge fund guys), at bre-X, Livent. These things just go on for years and years.

I don't know if our divorces take any longer than in the U.S. I'm seriously thinking about trying to get some marital laws changed by non-lawyer politicians. Like allowing non-lawyer mediators to file all the paperwork for a divorce and just be done with it, especially for a non-traditional marriage where both sides see eye to eye on what constitutes a fair deal. It just seems to me that there is something wrong with our system.

I know how hard it is to move on with these things hanging over your head. Are you able to see your girlfriend yet or is that still awaiting the court system?

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Thanks Athena.

I a not able to see or speak with my girlfriend yet, until I have a verdict the bail conditions stand.

In terms of how long things last in court it is often based on two things. The local population growth creating a backlogged system and case complexity. My case is really not complex in terms of investigation, so it should have been quick, but it was delayed five months due to them not giving me a summons, a couple of months because our expert witness report came in late, but mostly due to the court systems backlog.

A big issue with the divorce and most divorces is the separation agreement. If I was willing to forgo child support and give my wife about $100,000 more than her legal share then we would likely be done.

Ten days until the completion of the trial and then to await the verdict. I keep telling myself soon and hope that something else does not come up.

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