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Going through the Motions.



I don't really get hungry nor desire food, but I eat.

I don'r expect to find a job, but I look and apply.

My drive to seek justice is gone but the process will carry on.

I don't know what the future holds. Whether my girlfriend and I will become one again, revert to being best friends, be good friends, friends or just people who just once were these things.

I can't push it aside. I don't want to. I can't move on yet. I am scared of moving on and I have no idea how to.


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It's too early to "move on"... It's a grief and every grief has to take its time. I admire you that you're so strong and can "go through the motions". Some people stop and can't do anything... I think this way you fight the depression. If you stopped, the depression would win. Don't let it win. Don't close the door to the future. Just grieve as long as you have to... :) I hope it will not last very long...

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Thanks Lala.

I don't feel very strong, but my kids depend on me, I may have a Children's Aid Society investigating me again to ensure I am a fit parent. My kids really don't want to live with their mom. They can see her all they want with me, I am fairly certain she would not be so fair. I need to keep things above water.

The problem with grieving, is how do you grieve when it may not be dead?

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