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Living in the moment



I get a little hungry (or is it the nausea) but nothing appeals to me.

I need to drink more, but the effort is so much, the water tastes funny and the drink is never enough. I don't feel thirsty, but my mouth is dry.

My games have lost their draw and the more I play the more stressed I feel.

I know music will help, but nothing appeals and almost all of it reminds me of her. One way or another almost everything reminds me of her and us.

I need to talk to people, but rarely does it help or at least not a lot.

People generally don't know what to say to me. I don't blame them, I am not sure there is anything to say.

My aches are back full throttle and time crawls.

I have logically about two months more to wait, before I can talk to her, by then she will be in another city for the summer.

Two months seems forever ad ever moment of ever day of it I see only pain and anguish.

I now I sound like I am exaggerating, but it is how I feel.

It all feels like a nightmare that I can't wake from, except the scariest thing is that there is no waking from this.

I am not hopeless. I have some ... somewhere.


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I'm sorry you feel so alone... :D

And I'm sorry that your PM for me couldn't get to my inbox, as it's already full and I haven't find the time yet to clear it (I want to save all the messages but I want to do in on my notebook/laptop, but I'm not often on-line when I work on it (I'm on/at the computer at work), so...) I hope I'll do it tomorrow - today I have no time :(.

But it's not that bad (with my time), so in the meantime we can communicate "by blog", if you'd like to.

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