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I don't know where I am. I am feeling generically lonely because that is how I perceive my future. I am feeling great pain and loss over my partner. I can calm myself to a degree. My aches are back, and again I am somewhat nauseous. I am sure part of today is just not enough sleep.

I spoke with my kids about doing more together. I will impoove.


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I know about fybromyalgia from a member here who suffers by it, too (now Former_FromTheMoon), but even so I'd like to ask if there isn't anything that could bring you a real relief from the pain. Um? ;)

It's fine that you're gonna be more with your kids. I know they are not "a partner", but what you need is not to feel as lonely as now and this can be a step forward ;)...

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The anti-depressant that I am on eliminates my symptoms unless I am really bad, which of course is now. Nothing else really helps and I have tried a lot of things.

I hope it will help. The hard part is dealing with that expectation of future loneliness. My son is 19 and is out a lot and there is nothing wrong with that, but it is indicative of the future.

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Waiting. After being with My Oldest Son for Two Years (and his own Issues & Addiction) I like to believe I helped in some way Keep him Alive; So there is still Hope.

I am Now with My Twin Daughter. Again I believe it will be Beneficial to both of us.

Basically I lost 5 yrs. of my Children's Lives do to a Nasty, Bitter Long Divorce. I cant get it back. But im still Here & so are they. So there Remains HOPE.

I have Now Been ALONE for over Seven Years. Nothing can replace that.; Children, Friends, Family. And every Night I continue to be Alone in My Bed; Longing For Companionship & Comfort.

I must as you; Continue to Believe that Time & Person will come again.

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I UNDERSTAND. And I Still Struggle with Lonliness on a Daily Basis Myself; Especially at Night as I go to bed.

And im still Lost as I seek to Find My Niche in this World Alone & Motivation.

But it does become a bit easier Through Time. And Carrying on For My Children & Myself.

We Must continue to Believe & Have Hope for Ourselves.

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