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Well, the focus continues to be on how to get me to do all the things it takes to maintain a house. So, the goal for the weekend is to keep breaking things into small chunks, and getting them done.

There are lots of small jobs that need doing, besides the standard weekend stuff (laundry, groceries) that are just unavoidable. If I can get just a couple of those small jobs done, I think I'll be on my way.

For instance, the wife left a cat litter box upstairs, when she left. Not sure why, but for some reason, this is just a job that I cannot seem to start. Once started, it's not hard, or anything. I think it just ties in too well with how I view the entire house: cleaning up after her shit.

Yet here I am blowing it up into an even bigger deal, when I could just crap it out and flush.

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I'm always amazed at how much composure you show with respect to your ex. You have a right to be pissed at cleaning up her crap. And for dragging things on. I came across a thread yesterday that I wrote late last year entitled "How to you get your ex to move on?". Unfortunately there were no viable solutions offered. I am now three years and still waiting for him to let me go. He has a new girlfriend with the exact same first name as me. I'm hoping he can feel like he's continuing to abuse me while he abuses somebody else - thinking that may finally get him to move on. I wish I could offer some helpful advice but I can't. I can only offer my support and say "Wow, you are handling this so well" AND "I know exactly what you are going through". Do yourself a favor and try to use whatever methods you can to speed things up. You need to get your life back.

With respect to the house, i was in the same situation. It gave me nightmares. I locked up all my files every time I left the house for more than an hour. You may want to consider a cheap alarm system. One that will blast the living daylights out of her ears should she ever enter uninvited.

I hope you can get some closure soon.

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