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A Pandable



Not a full-grown Fairy Godfather story, but still. It's a story within a story: the Panda Warrior tells us a parable from her training. So, if you'll forgive me, a panda-ble.

The Panda Warrior spoke softly into the silence of a glorious evening. Or rather, what a city dweller might call silence: the breeze hissing through the leaves, rattling the branches together, the evening chorus of birds claiming a perch for the night, the crackle of the wood in the campfire. Yet though she spoke softly, her words carried clearly to the Godfather's ears as he listened to her story:

"Hear the words of the ancients, the wise ones who instruct us in the Way.

"'Once I journeyed in a wild place. I was lost and full of questions.

"'I came to a mountain and climbed it eagerly, looking for answers.

"'But the mountain was made of questions. Though I searched, in caves and under rocks, from its flowing skirts to the rocky peak, I found no answers, only more questions.

"'So, discouraged, I left the mountain and continued my journey.

"'And behold, I soon found an answer, right there in my path. It was not a major answer, just one of many, but it gave me faith.

"'So I followed my path through the years, finding answers along the Way, each in their own time.

"'And that is how I knew that it was, in fact, the Way.'"

The Panda concluded, "It is little use to seek one's answers among the questions. The answers will come, in time, if you follow the Way."


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Oh, it would be hard for me not to notice that there's advice in my stories. In my own defense, it's usually advice that's meant for me, and it gets shared only because I think others might benefit, as well. This one, for instance, came to me while I was sleeping, but without the Panda, just the parable. I dressed it as a story the Panda tells just because it sounds like one and I had no other vehicle.

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Mmm, I was mostly trying to describe the process, how the idea became a story. Though I do have a tendency to be defensive ... but that's my problem, not something you caused, Sue.

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