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noisy again



Still being kind to liver, guess this makes 4 days now, woohoo. Paying the price psychologically, whatever. I'm so used to this territory I hardly even care anymore. It would be nice not to have a tape looping in my mind telling me to kill myself but I'm not sure I want to satisfy it by drinking myself to death. Sometimes I do, I guess.

Good interview today. Interviewers seemed to like me, I guess the question is down to whether they find anyone better or not. My experience didn't really match up with what they do but I know how to use the same models. Optimization is the same whether it's with electrons or inventory.


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Wow, well done you for making it to 4 days :P

Sorry its getting real harsh for you. I hope that it get easier as the days go by. Keep up all the good effort :P

Oh and I hope you get a good outcome from the interview :P

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