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What Is A Woman To Do????



Been on here today & a little bit yesterday. I think that everyone on here that I read posts replies & everything else, are very intelligent and very intuitive people. It to me is more rewarding to me to listen and read. It doesn't make my problems go away but I have really met some people on here that I wish I could reach out & touch [good way] I of course have not been on here much lately but pm some that have helped me & I also am there for them. I'm not pissed off anymore it's that my mind is really off track on concentrating or doing anything that is worth doing. But I do enjoy being on this community & I don't feel so alone with some but it's hard right now because of past issues not because of some smartas response because I do have couth but, I have issues with trust and I do not like people judging other people and I'll be damn if someone judges my feelings saying that the are inappropriate when I was talking about myself not anybody else dammit myself!!!!!!!!!!! So I have now got to get over it!!!!!!!!!


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I am sure that you will get past this Leo. I hate it when I hear it myself, so I understand your frustration when you hear me say it to you. I am saying it anyways..........

"This too, shall Pass". I am here. Keep blogging, I for one, will follow.

Hang in there.

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Hi Leo :o

...... and I will be listening too Leo :(

I may not know what to say, but if anything I will always say Hi :)

Im sorry you are having such a harsh time of things lately, and I really do hope things become easier for you soon.

Take care.

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I appreciate ya'll halping me I know & I believe this soon will pass. I have so much trust issues that it is unbelieveable it started from childhood into adulthood preferably when my first therapist went behind my back and telling my husband everything we talked about especially at that time I was in the hospital. I have a witness that was there and heard her tell him. Plus he was calling him at my home even told my daughter that if she told me she would make sure that she would not see me again for along time. This happened in 2005 and continued until 2008. I didn't find out until 2009. So now I'm very leary. I start with a new practice for good [i hope] July 7th. This last practice was weird they believed praying would solve my problems. I just saw the med. Dr. for meds because the new practice said get them until you get in here. So that's all I can say is we'll see!!!!!!!!!!

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It can be hard to learn to have trust in people again, especially when trust has been broken in the past. I guess its not impossible to learn to trust others again though - right ?

And just coz one therapist was a *insert appropriate curse word* (Im trying not to swear today - and Im doing good - so far), that showed no respect for privacy, and had no morals - it doesnt mean they are all like that. Some are actually really nice people, that can relate a little and even help :o

Hope your day is kind to you :(

Take care

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