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What the hell!



After reading a certain comment on a forum that I posted on, I really have no idea how or what I'm going to say to this person. I know I have to be careful on what I can say but yet I have to put up with F----- Up comments. Well better back up because what if I say something that also mite upset this person. Will I also be flacked but to this day person can talk anyway she/he wants no matter how it is disturbing to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hope that you are alright Leo, and well I know Ive replied a few times to your posts, or blogs - and well I make mistakes ya know - so if its something Ive said then. Im sorry.

Take care

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Damn right you are somebody !!!!

Oh gosh do you know how much that has put a smile on my face hearing (erm reading) you say that :) (see !!!)

All too often the harshness of life, makes anyone of us feel like nobody :)

Thankyou, for being Somebody.... AKA Leo1954, And has it happens a very caring considerate Somebody :o

Im sorry you are in so much pain

If it helps you to talk, then keep talking, coz we are listening, and you are being heard :o

Please take care

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Leo, this might be an opportunity, too: if you're upset at something someone said, can you speak up for yourself without being confrontational? It's a valuable skill.

Or, if you're afraid of a confrontation, can you say it somewhere privately, so that you at least get to put a voice to how you feel?

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It is nobody on here that has commented on my blog but, as far as being in confrontation I am definitely not scared!

Yes I am pissed but with what I finally would like to say to the person wouldn't be very nice and every expletive you can think of would fly out on here with my mouth talking but would I care yes because I do not like hurting people but I have had it. So be it but I am still angry '

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Also had to go to family Dr. this afternoon just feel physically ill. Now remember I have asthma & COPD with everything else in my life that's insane. She is worried because she said actually you look like death warmed over. Sounded crackly in chest but I will have to back Wednesday for fasting tests for cholestrol check just shoot me like you would an ailing horse. I just don't know how to explain how I feel it's in my mind but I can't put them into words. Does that make sense. I'm on here I am literally just trying to hold myself together because, I also have to go Wednesday afternoon to a meeting about my mom. Damn I don't want to go, but I don't believe that anybody that can't fend for themselves has to have a voice and dammit I'm her voice I will never and have never had anybody voice for me so maybe that's why I'm scaredto let so much information out at one time I'm surprised I have said what I have already said!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Leo,

It sounds like you have bottled up a lot of very strong emotions for a heck of a lot of years. I know its not easy sharing feelings, and even harder trying to put them feelings into words. But in time that might get easier for you.

You know you cant be shot like an ailing horse right ? They just would never allow it - trust me on that score - I may of asked the doctors once or twice over the years :)

Good luck when you go to the doctors on Wednesday. Are you worried about going for the tests ? Is that something you would like to talk about further ?

Oh and diffinately good luck when going to the meeting about your mom.

I hope things go okay, for all of you. I realise its not going to be easy - infact especially the meeting concerning your mom, is going to be really difficult for you. But you will manage it all, and you will get through it. You are a lot stronger than you probably realise.

And you know what its gonna eventually "be ok" :o

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I have a certain person on here that I feel that way about myself. Some people just can't resist starting crap, and a board like this is probably a great picking ground for trolls. I am sorry that someone upset you, and I hope you are okay. How are your injuries healing?

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Actually, I and several other moderators put a great deal of effort into keeping this board from becoming a great picking ground for trolls. But what that takes is community participation, at the very least to make the moderators aware of how someone makes you feel.

If your response when upset is to close down and hold it in to prevent an explosion, how will anyone else ever know you're upset? Of course, an explosion isn't appropriate, either. But isn't that the nature of all human interaction, to get our needs met while respecting those of others? Please do speak up, rather than bearing grudges ...

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Mark , you okay big bro ?

Most of us, KNOW just how hard you moderators work, and just how much of your time you all put in on the boards and blogs, and how much you all genuinely care. :(

Hope that you are okay


How did you get on at the doctors, and how did yu get on with the meeting about your mum ?

Hope that you are okay

Take care

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No. 1 I'm not holding grudges & yes I can explode but not on here probably because I have more couth! what I'm saying is people shouldn't cut down others because opinions are different & they [this person] can't or just won't let my feelings be expressed then say I'm wrong not when you guess without knowing what the hell I said!

SweetSue thank you for asking meeting with my mom went like I expected I signed papers and then just left not interested. Rite now doing as usual what I'm expected to do. So what else do it. Better safe than sorry. But thanks for asking!!!!!

And yes Loneone I agree with you whole heartedly!!

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Hi Leo :)

Im sorry things are so harsh for you. :D

You work so hard looking after everyone elses needs, I was just wondering, do you manage to get any time at all, where you can just grab a moment for yourself ?

Hope that your day is kinder to you :o

How are you feeling today ?

Take care


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Oh Leo, I have been told by way too many people whether or not they actually have degrees in psychology or other works of the mind. Some them just think they know it all. I feel your pain! Back to what these people have told me... I will quote because they have all said pretty much the same thing....... "You have the CARETAKER personality, meaning you always tend to put others before yourself."

This has always annoyed me....idk maybe they are right.

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