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I'm sorry to be so frustrated. I know I've been really negative lately. Nothing in particular happened; it's just that I can't seem to do anything right lately although I am trying to change. I've run out of energy and it's hard to care right now even though I know I am supposed to.

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Its okay Ralph, no appologies needed :)

Its extremely difficult to be positive all the time, especially when times are rough.

Ive had days where nothing seems to go right, and I cant do anything right for doing wrong, think most of us have at some point or other. And those days are hard to get through.

Who says your supposed to care - it helps but it isnt compulsary, sometimes not caring is all we are capable of. It doesnt mean we dont actually care, just that at times we need to switch off that part of us that cares just so we can get by. :)

Okay Im sure Im not making sense - sorry - I need sleep real badly right now - nearly my bed time , I think. Hope you can kinda understand what Im trying too say :)

Were here for you, and are listening :o

Take care

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