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day 9



Past few days have been hard but I'm bearing with it. Learning to relax, practicing but not often succeeding. Today has been bad because it is the weekend and almost 10 days. Emotional roller coaster. Working on changing habits. Know what I need to change but not what to do instead. Also have no idea how to make sober friends. I have none and the main way i know how to make friends is through drinking together.


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Hang in, Ralph! Good job! :)

Could writing about possibilities how to replace your habits help? I mean... making a brain-storming about activities that are available and then choosing some to try them.

What about making friends through drinking coffee with them :)? Sorry, I don't want to "derogate" the problem - I know that it's often not easy "just to go and make new friends", but... I want to point out that I don't drink alcohol (just because I don't like it), nor coffee, and I have friends. Yes, they are mainly from school and job, so... I don't have advise how to make friends other then among the people you meet "every day" (at work) :(. But... there is at least something very optimistic and positive: You are able to make friends as you made friends here, in this community ;). It might be harder "off-line", but... don't worry and be open to new possibilities, relationships, ...

Take care!

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I did make a list of positive activities already. I understand many people make friends without drinking but it's a skill I don't have. I'm signing up for an adult social skills training that is small group therapy if it isn't already full.

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