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Opening Day, aka I'm new here



Hear! Hear! SkyHawk is here!

Lets see... I'm checking in because it seems like there's all sorts of helpful people here. No saying when I might leave suddenly though, I tend to do that.

My issues:

-Into child porn(not sex or violent just light stuff) since i was 14 I think.

-Social Anxiety, but not all the time. I love to randomly talk to people on the street. But crowds scare me.

-Depression/Loneliness -- I don't feel I fit in with the rest of society. I'm still working on finding people that could be true friends.

Not an issue but let it be known:

I'm dyslexic! Yay. Only found out a few years ago.. boo. It would of been nice to know in high school. I felt so stupid.

Anyway. Thanks for stopping by. Ask questions... i will answer. :)

EDIT: Oh I'm also an ENFP. That might explain a few things.


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Hi SkyHawk :o

Glad you've arrived - landed - yeah whateva ~ Welcome :)

Ok so, Im still awake - What part of the world are ya in ?

Oh and totally off subject - to well anything really. If you could do just one thing today - what would it be ?

Hope your day is kind to you :)

Take care

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Hi Sue. In in the USA... around Chicago.

Only ONE thing? Meet someone new. That always makes me super happy. Although it has to be in person. Anyone really, i just like people. I find them interesting.

At the allergist the other day I met this family. The one kid wanted to explain to me how to play angry birds.

Unfortunately my anxiety often makes me very shy and quiet in classes and large gatherings. Anything over 3 people. haha

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:cool: good choice. :o

Im rubbish with crowds of any discription. I like to be around as few people as possible really - think Im what is know as a loner :)

OK - Im curious - whats Angry Birds ????

Ooops hi Inf :)

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WHAT! How can you live on earth and never heard of angry birds. I think it's free on google chrome at the moment. Download it. I'm really good at it but this kid was so funny, i had to tell him to slow down because he wasn't able to finish his sentences. He was way too excited lol

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Thanks Musicman. I hope you feel better soon... i saw that you have panic attacks. I know someone who had them so bad they threw up sometimes. Has your therapist showed you any calming techniques? They do help.

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