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Bald head



:) My mom is so pissed that I shaved my head but I did it because of my male pattern baldness. I've had it since 18.

Shes being extremely mean about it to me. Thanks for making me feel worse about myself. Fuck you.

I give up. I feel so nervous around my parents 24/7.


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Parents can be pretty damn cruel sometimes - Im sorry your upset :o

You know, when I was 18 I gotten a mohican (mohawk) erm, the day before I gotten married. It was well cool - I loved it - so did hubby :P

My parents however well, they were not amused and slammed their front door in me face the next time me and hubby went round to visit them - TS ~ ooopsie :)

Theres nothing wrong with having a shaved head, Ive shaved my head before - in the days of sinead o conner - yeah I was young !!! (once)

Im sure you look very handsome wiv yer shaved head !!!

Try and take no notice of people that try an put you down - they are soooo not worth it. Hold yer head up high, coz well you are you - no matter what hair style you have :o

Take care

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I'm just really sensitive to others people opinions of me. I very much feel a strong need to be liked by my friends. I went out with a friend yesterday for a nature walk and a movie but it just didn't feel right at all.

I felt I should of been more happy or spontaneous. Instead I was just lightly guarded the whole time. Nervous about making sure she was having a good time. Maybe I just need to get used to being social. My whole life thus far has been very much on neutral. Letting others and the world just make decisions for me.

I don't know what I want out a friendship. Touch? Although at the time I couldn't seeing myself hug her. It would of been very awkward.

I'm confused.

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Yep, well the guy who prescribes wellbutrin certainly thinks so.

I've always had a hard time with eye contact but that could be from an event with my dad when I was young.

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