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Heyo, everyone.

Just wanted to let you guys know where I went. I'm doing pretty well at the moment and classes and my mood are better then ever.

I'm seeing my therapist again to work out my remaining anxiety issues. Shes going to be asking me some hard questions apparently next time we meet, kinda excited about that. BRING IT ON!!

Yah, so the less time I'm here the better I probably am doing. I'm becoming much more like my ideal self.

I've ditched porn pretty much. Figured that if my parents didn't grow up with it then I don't need it either. That's what imagining is for. Actually, the better I feel about myself I find women more sexually interesting. idk, it's still a bit confusing.

I plan on planning to go mountain biking with an old friend and planning on seeing Lion King 3D later on as well. It's important to plan ahead for weekend activities apparently. :o

-Transmission End-


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