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Roller coaster



Pdoc moved me to Symbyax after not good results with cymbalta. Life is beautiful... and I want to die. :confused: Not to worry, I don't take these thoughts seriously. Still it would be nice to figure out how to stop doing this to myself.

Pros - not as suicidal, derealization/dissociation have gone away, no more crying. Got half my sex drive back from what was killed by Cymbalta. Major improvement is that motivation increased in that I find it easier to follow through on plans and can leave the house for something other than work, gym, or errands for the first time since moving off the anti-anxiety meds. Back into meditation after a loss of interest and reading more.

Cons - rapid swings, aphasia, grogginess. More time in bed resting, but getting less sleep. Tried wearing myself out by biking yesterday, wore my knees out before I could physically exhaust myself.

On 10 point scale where 0 is suicide and 10 is a big hug from your favorite person in the world, mood used to go between 6 and 1 over the course of a week, now goes between 6 and 3 several times a day. After dark the down phases seem to be longer.

I'm guessing this is upheaval from starting/stopping cymbalta and stopping xanax and klonopin. Prozac shouldn't be working yet unless it's riding on the coattails of the serotonin effect of wellbutrin and past Cymbalta. Pdoc encouraged me to give it some time because the cymbalta and the Klonopin are still clearing out of my system.

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Wow, the pros list sounds pretty amazing. The cons - well grogginess doesn't sound so bad if motivation to do stuff you want to do goes up. But then again, it sounds like you've got quite the cocktail floating around in you. Hope the 'pros' list keeps getting bigger for you:) as the other drugs get out of your system.

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