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This is me ---> STUPID



Ever thought to yourself I wonder what'll happen if I do this? (whateva it is) Yeah I kinda have those thoughts a lot lately, except instead of letting them stay just passing thoughts, they become my actions...... coz I do it.

Screw all consequences - dont matter anyway - nothing does.

Life is just a sick game afterall - ,gonna die sooner or later anyhow - yeah, preferably sooner. Had enough.:o

Close my eyes, close my ears, let my heart go for that aviation lesson outta my stupid body- its already broke so IDGAF. Why should I?:cool:

Sad, mad, crazy, hallucinating, self pitying, stupid basket of a cow chops that just cant stop crying or snivelling with her consatant whinge assing like some sort of ungrateful bitch. Yep thats me :mad:


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hurting sucks ass! so whatever. You're not stupid. You're also not worthless. In fact, you're pretty much freaking amazing. We all like you, anyway. So, like...you need a plan... hmmmm... really you've got to get a handle on the medications and stuff...

really probably need to let your therapist and people know what's happening and get this in order. I don't know. Don't see how else to do it.

oh, and whine away! snivel to your heart's content! You fucking get to because things suck!

{{{{{{{{{{{{bug hugs to you, babe!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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Been tryna think what the 'frig' Im gonna do.... obviously I cant go on like this.

Sheeze sue, get a grip put the bottle down, throw the tabs down the bog and flush. Then get your meds and flush them too - this shite aint doing jack. Pick the flipping phone up and call the bleedin' number, I know that I need to somewhere inside this screwed up head of mine.

One more drink wont hurt, then I will get off my ass and sort myself out. Pointless flushing the tabs down the bog, just use 'em then dont go buy more - that'll be ok. And dont be daft about flushing the meds - they might work next dose or two. My head aint even screwed up inside or out. Nothing is wrong, with it. And sod phoning anybody, they dont give a ratz ass, all they wanna do is lock me up. Sod that !!!

im fine

no im not

nothing is wrong

everything is wrong

my eyes dont stop leaking

just frigging hayfever

its winter

and your point being?

shut up

not gonna

im scared

no im not im brave

im being stupid

nope its common sense

can see papa and norman

so thats coz they are there

but they are dead

nope here they are alive

need a drink

no ya dont

need a smoke

you dont smoke

wheres my pills

etc, etc, etfriggingcetera :mad:

So now Im drunk, and waffy, and getting ready to hopefully pass the hell out very shortly. If im lucky this time nothing will wake me. :(

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