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this is so difficult - sheeze. sorry if your reading this and thinking WTF!!!. please if you can - try not to judge me, or worse still, please dont laugh at me. this Stuff really isnt funny.:o

im trying to be brave, its hard though coz the voices kick in so much when ever i try to get certain words out. thats why im typing. hoping that the voices wont get too cross or demanding.:o


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Sue... Why would you ever think we'd judge you? The last thing we'd want to do is laugh at your pain and misfortune :(. You've been so helpful and supportive of everyone here. If we could give back just a tenth of that, I'd be surprised. I couldn't even begin to imagine the pain you must always feel, but nevertheless, I have faith that you'll make it through this. You're very strong; you've already proved that by making it this far. Just don't ever give up. You'll find your peace.

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no, cant tell them. thats a bit of the Stuff, that i cant talk about. the voices go mental at me, when i try too.

dont know whats causing it, but its why i slit my wrists last week. and part of the reason that i dope myself up as much as i do - at every damn oppertunity. coz it freaks me out.

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Would distraction help? Maybe we could retreat to the bunker? Or start another game of shitball? What would sue like to do?

How's the weather where you are, by the way? We have lots and lots of rain here.

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freezing cold? Do you guys have "snuggies" in england? Thy're like this blanket with sleeves. Here are some youtube paradoies of snuggie commercials:

(not that i would ever hold it against anyone here if they own a snuggie :()

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