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I have this thing - its called "Stuff"

It weighs a ton, and its really rough

I constantly carry it everywhere with me

I cant allow for anyone to ever see

Im scared to put it down at all

Yet if I dont, I know I will fall

Its burden is too much to bear

I say "Oh fuck it I dont care"

Take pills so that I can be numb

Despite warnings, that it is dumb

To stay asleep is all I truely endeaver

Be invisable just for now and ever

In my heart I know I have had enough.

Theres NO cure for this thing called "Stuff"


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You know, sue, if you still aren't safe you can always call the nurse or email your therapist....just saying.....maybe this is me being selfish, because I want you to be safe...

You still down for a trip to the bunker? I think finding found some chocolate leaves for the gerties.... it's been awhile since we've bunkered... Anything else we need?

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i wont call or e-mail anyone. theres nothing they can do. coz i cant tell them about stuff. i just have to get through this. oh and maybe grow up a little. ok so thats never gonna happen either - realistically.

its dark and very cold here - but its not raining, yet. guess winter is arriving.

gonna go for a while - see if that does me any favours.

thanks :P

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Maybe you could write stuff down for the therapist? Just a thought...

Dark and cold, huh? Sounds like winter. Raining lots here.

I'm cooking today and needed a break from the kitchen so wanted to say hello.

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You said, "Im scared to put it down at all ..."

What do you think would happen if you put the stuff down and just took one step back? You could still step forward and pick it up again, if it was really a bad idea, but at least you'd get to see if there really was anything to be scared about.

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