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Afraid to go to sleep.



After the wee morning hour dream I had this morning, I'm tired.... so tired.... but I'm afraid to close my eyes. Today has been hectic, one I don't really care to elaborate on.

I long for peaceful sleep, but I fear closing my eyes. I feel like going to sleep is letting my guard down, which in turn makes me more vulnerable to the nasty blind sided attacks of PTSD. I hate it.

My husband's gone, glad he can find time to go out and have fun when I haven't been out of the house in months except to do the agonizing task of grocery shopping or going to the doctor.

Looking for peace and it's nowhere to be found.


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Thank you pseudome, for the good thoughts. It seems I have no control over what I can do anymore. Depression, grief, anxiety, and all of the above seems to have taken over at some point when I wasn't looking.

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