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I will NOT be SILENCED !!!



Recent events, here amongst this community have shocked, hurt, upset and confused me.

And it upsets me even more that in such a caring, understanding, "safe" haven. That what has happened is not only tolerated, but is in a way encouraged.

So I get it - It is perfectly fine for a moderator to deceave, lie, use, fabricate stories, etc everyone for months on end. And have all the other moderators and administrators not only back him/her but also to dismiss feelings of genuine hurt from the people that have gotten hurt in this situation. And as if that isnt enough - the people that get hurt are TOLD to be supportive of what this moderator is going through.

It doesnt matter that because of this - people, members some that have been here for years, have been really affected by this and are questioning the safety of this site. It doesnt matter that "our" feelings are actually GENUINE. Ofcourse not.

This is playground stuff. Where the group of BULLIES intimidate those who are not as strong. Its very sad and dissapointing.

Well I am sorry guys - but seriously. I was bullied and silenced for many years. For many, many years my feelings did not matter. I had no choice but to do as I was told.

And NO - Im NOT that little girl anymore. I am me Sue - AKA SweetSue. I have grown. I may not be strong right now - but my gosh - if I am hurting because of something that has happened here. I am gonnna damn well express how I feel. Because I am a person too. And although they dont matter to some of you - my feelings have a right to be heard.

Yeah, I will support said moderater, because he/she is obviously hurting, and is very upset and is feeling so sorry for him/herself. Will I f**k as like.

Members have been banned for causing far less damage to this community. So I gotta ask. Why wasnt pseudome banned?

Is it coz he/she is a moderator. Oh yeah sorry I mean was. He/she resigned after great thought. Sheezus what was there to think about.

Yeah you couldnt believe how much "sympathy" I have for a person in a possition of trust - that takes advantage of that trust and hurts my friends.

incase its not obvious

I have No sympathy for pseudome. I will NOT be told to have sympathy. I am Sue - I have my own "eyes" and am not blinded by power.

But hey thanks everyone.

I KNOW who I am. And I am proud of me for finally allowing myself NOT to be bullied.



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Sue, of course I want you to express your feelings about this. I was hurt by this as well. I know it is painful. :(

We are always learning and there is always discussion about how to handle things better.

My hope is that we can come together as a community.

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So whens the discussion then ?

I cant see anything happening - cept ofcourse mods telling me im not allowed to express how i feel - as it might be damaging to the community. WTF did pseudome do? If that hasnt damaged this community then me expressing my feelings in a private blog isnt going to hurt anyone is it, let alone do any damage.

- oh and PMs from admin asking me to try support pseude, or something like that, i cant remember the exact words, but hey "little bro" it must be good to know that what ever YOU do, admin are backing you up.

How about a little understanding and support for people that are hurting?

Yet again I ask why hasnt pseudome been banned ???

People have been banned for doing far less damage to this community.

How can we be a proper caring community, if things get swept under the carpet. and arent HONESTLY an OPENLY discussed.

And beth, hun, please dont get upset - this isnt directed toward you, as I know that you are deeply hurting because of this situation too, as are many, many others.

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Ya, i enjoy the retorts posted on now 'visible' blogs suggesting how we are infringing on his/her rights here, and how punitive action should to be taken against us.

I would consider 8 months of misleading your 'friends' and fabricating your life to be that of a grotesque piece of fiction, might be considered against rules and spirit of the site.

Who is it that should receive punitive action?

I was banned for coming on here as a different person...and that was for 1/2 an hour. I guess if i had been crafty enough to pull it off for a few months then it would be alright.

after the chaos created by their choices on this site, you'd think some of that rightousness might be a little more subdued.

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Hi Sue,

We are all dealing with this in our own way. I think it's great that you are expressing your anger. You're probably taking the words right out of other members' mouths.

For some reason, I'm trying to see the positive in this. I'm not condoning Pseudome's behaviour in the least. At the very least, she has shattered our trust. Now I look at everybody and wonder who they really are (well, I was doing that before but it's worse now). My ex is a pathological liar. Can't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. This whole thing has triggered me big-time because of that.

Even if the mods do ban Pseudome, she can just show up under another pseudo...nym. Quite a fitting name, when you think about it. I just don't know how you get around that. This place has gone awfully quiet all of a sudden. People are afraid, distrustful, don't really want to post about themselves. It's going to take some time to get back to a 'new normal' that we can all be comfortable with.

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I just received yet another PM from Dr AS telling me that i am not so innocent, and this is how i should be dealing with my feelings. are you serious? whay kind of joke is this?

I'm more pissed off about the egregious interference of some of the mods on the blogs. Start your own blog Allan. It is unbelievable to me that you feel you may direct my emotions and my posting on my own blog. What the hell is the policy here?

Say things we want you to say, or you may not express yourself?


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hmmm, sounds like a fob off to me Beth.

i understand - this is just like any other situation - where no-one is prepared to say anythng about it on the boards incase it backfires on them.

you want me to do it ?

i dont mind - its no skin off my nose if it backfires on me. im not the one that has lied, and damaged the community.

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So...I go on vacation for a couple days, and...this??? Huh.

Sue, I wanted to let you know that I hear how much you're hurting, and I care, and I understand. I see all of this as a matter of perspective. From my perspective, I can't say I'm surprised by psuedome's revelation, or that I was hurt by what s/he did -- because I don't trust a darned thing I read on the internet, and because I saw things in pseudome's blogs that just didn't add up. Sounded like a story to me, and, lo and behold, it was. So, for the times that I reached out to him/her, it was all with the underlying thought that all of this might be total BS.

But I understand, and I hope that others understand as well, that your perspective, and JaiJai's for that matter, is very different. Of course this is deeply hurtful for you, because pseudome's stories were about things that you've actually experienced, and you reached out through your pain to support the person that you thought was going through all of that. And of course this is deeply hurtful to JaiJai, because she got involved with what turned out to be a facade. So, I think I understand your hurt, and I am sorry for it.

Please take care of yourself...:(

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Sue, I agree with Lana. I was thinking it may be difficult for the moderators to lead the discussion because: Nobody knows whether: 1) Pseudome is truly hurting, had to hide behind a false persona, and needs this site as much as we do or 2) She's just incredibly bored and there's nothing like this site to find lots of people to make fun of or 3) She needed some new material for her next novel or 4) There's really only 5 real people here and all the others are alter-egos of Pseudome talking to each other. After all, writers write all the characters in, not just one:eek:.

So obviously, the mods are not going to want to risk the truth being number 1 above, and make the wrong decision with possibly very unfortunate consequences.

I hope paranoia isn't contagious, otherwise somebody should probably edit out my posts on this topic.

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20% chance this is legit - and hurting others was just a side-effect

80% chance hurt and chaos were the objective.

nice odds. i wish i heard about odds like this before, cus if i had i never would have been stupid enough to stat and get attached to people here.

i think i have to leave for good. and i dont want to b/cus of the good people here, and the support here... but everytime i come now, this place shreds me .

how could you pseud? shame on you for using everyone.

this has changed me....i am fuckin broken. i cant stop crying. you we're all i had.

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I'm so sorry you got hurt so badly. Things became more real for you than for anybody else here. I know what internet relationships are like. Been there, done that. I know just how real they can become. More real than real life. If somebody had told me they could be like that, I wouldn't have believed it.

I totally get why you would want to leave here. Thought about it myself and I've been hurt far less than others over this. But I think this place still has a lot to offer. I also think there are a lot of quality people here.

Hopefully just a break will be enough and you can be back and give the rest of us a chance to get to know you. Take care of yourself.

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