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Isolating myself, but don't want to. Need to get better at social skills. Want to experiment with Mensa gathering, maybe hanging out with smart people will be easier. Also thinking about joining a church to find people with similar values. Not a fundamentalist church or even Catholic but hopefully can find a progressive church that takes the values seriously without being too militant about imposing values/worldview on others.

Goal would be to make one or two friends. Very unsure what to do about relationship. Feeling like this long distance thing is not sustainable, but I don't have any other sufficient reason to live. Self esteem would be negative without support of boyfriend. Really miss him. Wish I could get a job where I would be transferred to Bangkok. Maybe should start working on that dream.


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Long distance relationships are very hard as there is no physical contact. Me and my late husband had a long distance relationship for almost 2 years. I did not have a computer at that time, so we would talk on the phone for hours.

Ralph, but isn't wonderful to know that there is a person, yes, very far away, who is thinking of you and who misses you as well. Life is so much better when you have that person in your life.

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You're right it is very nice to have a special person in my life. He helps me cope with my ADHD type symptoms (helping me stay on task, navigating with me so I don't get lost, etc) so I am often lost without him. I know I should focus on the positives but right now I miss being able to hug him and go places and do things together. All my other friends are in couples so I feel weird being the only one without a mate around.

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