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Stressed but better



Feel like self harm impulses are leaving, more clear lately. It's much easier to be sober. I've been more self disciplined due to volunteer work. My regular work is kicking my butt lately though. So, overly stressed but depression wise seeing some relief.


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I do various things like food bank work or fund raising activities for local charities. My employer is highly supportive of community involvement so there are opportunities that come up through work to go do stuff. Mostly through United Way organizations.

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Hi Ralph,

Just checked in to say hello. Good for you with the volunteer stuff.

How's the music coming? I met somebody who collaborates with a friend of his by using something called 'dropbox'. So they decide to work on a piece together and they can share music files over the net. Basically his friend is too busy with wife and family so this works for them. Just an FYI.

Sorry you're still lonely. I think one needs a larger network of friends around when they are in a LD relationship. Failing that, something to keep them busy in the evenings and on weekends, preferably with others. Although the internet (Skype/IM/phone) all makes it easier to keep in touch with one's SO.

Anyway, I'm glad you have some good things to write about lately.

Take care.

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