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I dont know why I feel this way.I always have this feeling like between me and most people have boundary.I cant communicate good with them.I know this fault is mine,I dont blame people for my problems..If I try to speak with someone,I dont feel joy,I want to escape and be alone.Its like I dont need other people in my life,but I feel sad,lonely and empty when Im alone.I know this sounds stupid.

Well i found out that i leave in my own world,where I feel save.From what?I dont have idea.


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How about that - you don't need anyone in your life. Maybe you are better than others! I've always thought that i rather be alone than with somebody bothering.

And you are important person.

Maybe my thoughts about this are little manic. But i believe they can be helpful for somebody who is not.

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Yes,IJ I feel sometimes anxiety when Im around people,but its not always anxiety. Most time its like coldness,between me and others.I feel far away from them in my own world,I prefer to be alone,but Im lonely.I know this dont make sense:(.

Hi medlem,hope you are doing well:)

I dont know Ive never believed Im better than others.I just feel different and more strange.I dont know why I feel uncomforable with people.

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I can relate to your feeling, the only difference is that I enjoy communicating with people, but on the other hand, lately, I just want to be left alone. And when I am alone, I feel lonely. Makes no sense..... And I also feel safe when I am by myself. Lonely, but safe.

I hope things are a bit better for you at home.

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So you feel unable to get closer to them? Perhaps being alone is more comfortable because you are accustomed to it. I don't know if that fits or not. If closeness feels uncomfortable but you truly want the human connection, perhaps you can challenge yourself in small steps in your interactions. What do you think?

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I feel sometimes anxiety when Im around people,but its not always anxiety. Most time its like coldness,between me and others. . . I just feel different and more strange.

I've recently come to perceive that I don't find most other people "safe". I'm thinking it would have been dangerous -- more unsafe -- to let my mother see that I thought that way about her, so at an early age I guess I learned how NOT to allow that perception into my consciousness. Which then has hurt me in life outside my family because I have not been able to allow my (sometimes) realistic perceptions into my mind to help me make decisions about what would be best (for me and/or others) to do.

Is that something that could be going on for you, too? Feeling like people are unsafe is certainly a good reason for social anxiety. I still definitely have that, too.

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Hi,Lana Im holiday so Im not with my family.Its always better not to be around them :(

Yes DD

this is something I can relate to I feel people unsafe.

I was thinking when this problems with people started and I remember that everthing started after one terrible OCD crisis.I was scared that I will hurt people that I love.I was terrified to be even in room with somebody.Most people leave me after that crisis.

I still dont know am I disappionted from people and feel really unsafe them or some part deep inside of me is still scared I may hurt somebody.

Is it possible this to be part of the problem?

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They sound connected to me. I get afraid that I'll hurt somebody (because the way I am is different from many other people) and then they'll hurt me, plus then I'll feel guilty about hurting them and go down a spiral there, hurting myself. Also, if people reject me for whatever reason (like a mental health crisis) then I'll feel hurt and like lashing out (and thus hurting them), leading me back to the other sentence that I started with. Even if I don't actually lash out, I'll still be feeling like that which will make me anxious that I will lash out. So then I'll be anxious and inhibited and no one will really like being around me, so why not just be alone. At least I feel safe with my cats and that seems pretty vice versa. Who knows why they seem to like and accept me?

I do feel safe when I'm involved in a task that has a clear goal. That has been pretty much how I have gotten through life. I feel pretty safe in my in-person support group and I'm starting to feel a little safe here. I hope you feel safe here, too?

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Hi Andromeda!

Hope you're feeling much better!

I love what DD is saying and i also can relate to what you say! Feeling need for somebody to care about me and my problems is very familiar to me too. Couple years ago it was so strong that i wanted to make others to feel the way i was feeling. That was why i also was afraid of hurting others. I remember that i didn't have many friends either and i liked to be alone. But i never felt lonely at all. I also remember me being very religious what actually saved not only my life but everything including my future.

So, this is what i highly recomend to everyone. Just go to church once, twice, sitt down, think a bit, listen in to the silence and you might get the ansver..

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