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I've had a bad cold but this has led me to stay sober over the weekend and get an enormous amount of sleep. Luckily I won't have to take time off work because I am feeling better. Thanks to so much sleep my depression has receded quite a bit. I actually feel good at this moment. I have much less feeling that I have to act out, more acceptance. I hope this feeling will stick around for a while.

I learned over this weekend that isolation brings out a kind of heavy anxiety which is not fun. It seems to hit every Saturday. I wonder what would happen if I wasn't alone all weekend. I have plans to maybe go hiking next weekend, that would be a good experiment.


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Hi Ralph,

I am glad that your depression is "taking easy on you". You mentioned about acceptance. That is a huge progress. I hope you were talking about the things that we can't change because that is when we need to accept the reality.

I can relate to feeling isolated. With me it usually happens on Sunday when I have nothing to do. Saturdays I am usually busy doing errands, but most Sundays are a nightmare for me. Feel very lonely and empty.

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I'm so happy for you Ralph. I agree that it will be a good experiment. Just remember there are always other factors that can cause or add to your feelings of isolation. There is no day of the week that makes me feel a little lonely but a particular frame a mind. What does a normal saturday consist of that you might be missing?

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Lana, yes I was talking about acceptance of the past. I have a tendency to behave self destructively when I am too angry about things that have already happened.

Frazzled, I don't have much of a social life so what my typical Saturday is lacking is any sort of interaction with others on a social level. For me, the weekend is when there is time for social gatherings, but I don't have enough connections to have much to do on the weekends. Most of the people I know have kids so they spend all their spare time doing family stuff and their social life is to be with people who have same age kids, not really anything I can relate to.

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Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I used to be like that too especially when my OWN behavior would make things worse than they were before and instead of accepting the outcome of what happened, i would go toward self distraction up

until I learned to accept things, but most importantly to forgive myself. Not sure if it all made sense to you.

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