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Finally Diagnosed



After years of personally suspecting I had ADHD I finally got tested and unsurprisingly I scored high on the scale for inattentive type. Now my therapist wants to talk to my pdoc about getting me on ADD meds. It turns out the therapist I was seeing for depression specializes in ADHD and could see my symptoms emerging as I got out of depression but still had struggles with time management and relationships. I thought it was still depression but now that I have a diagnosis I am looking at information about ADHD and shocked that what I thought were my unique personality traits are actually pretty common behaviors for those with attention deficit.

I hope I can now get appropriate treatment, because this is causing significant frustration in my life and has impacted my relationships to the point that I'm pretty much alone because I can't make plans. Not sure about meds but I don't see my pdoc again for a couple months anyway so I've got time to think about that. It would be nice if I could just take a pill and have it all go away but something tells me it's going to be more work than that.


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Wow! It's a big shame that you hadn't got the diagnosis sooner... However, it's great to see this shift - I hope this will really bring a change for better.

Why can't you see a pdoc sooner? (That's also frustrating about health-care in America - those long waiting times...) (But it's nice that you're able to take it from a positive side - that you now have time to think about it.)

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My pdoc only does medication management so I see him every three months. I saw him in January so I don't see him again until April. Even if I tried to reschedule to move it up he's booked up over a month in advance so I might be able to see him in late March at the soonest. It would be nice if pdoc would just call in something to my pharmacy without having to meet with me first, since it's going to be trial and error anyway. I kind of think that might be against the rules though.

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