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Not Important



Well, as you can see, I'm making an effort to update this thing more often. I think for a long time, I've felt like I needed to wait until I had something important to say. Unfortunately, that calls into question what part of me is deciding what's important, and exposes me to my own hubris in assuming that what I did post was important.

This is actually an amusing thought, because it's a common assumption in the psychoanalytic world that anything a client says is important. They'll point to the truly staggering number of things one could say at any given moment, yet one chose to say X. That would have to mean that by at least some measure of importance, X was in fact the most important thing on one's mind at the time.

I used to think that that was teleological ... um, call it blather ... but ... I've seen a fairly large number of cases where it was true. Even if I argued that one could make animal noises or talk about trivia if they didn't want to give away what was important to them, the analysts would still say that that revealed how important it was to conceal something. Especially in a therapy setting where the cooperation of the client can be assumed (because they're paying to be there), it's hard to ignore their argument.

So I guess by now the question is, what's so important that you had to write three paragraphs before you could get near it? ;-)

And I guess I still don't know (can't bring it to consciousness), despite a growing urge to do so, that shows in my wanting to update the blog more.


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Just show this to your doctor and you'll be kicked out from doctors office. I mean what problem do you have?

If you had mental problem you couldn't write something like this. You're understanding, analyzing and thinking better than a person with no problems.

So!? What are you doing here? :D

This is no flatter, I mean it!

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Med: Maybe what I'm doing here is making sure I continue functioning better than I was. Or, just taking care of those who need it, as they did with me. Thank you for assuring me that I'm okay. :-)

Beth: I find chattering in your blog is also therapeutic. :-P

Tsu: I'm definitely not concealing that the great and powerful wizard behind the curtain is just a guy like me ... ;-) You're right, I'm working through something that I'm not sure I've entirely identified yet myself, much less solved. But ... it's a step along the road.

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