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moved again - just for a change!!!



This ol' life of mine sure does have a sense of humour - so I truely am pleased that i too, can see the funny side of things :)

I moved last friday, this time to some out in the sticks location - a townie country bumpkin thats me - well i guess thats what I am presently - till I get moved again, which knowing me wont be too much longer :( - if Im lucky I might be able to stay here a few months atleast. Thats Life!!!

Still happy enough tho' coz I know that theres like loadsa people worse of than me - atleast I still have my sanity - even if these days it is some what warped ;)

Gotta learn to stop catching those darn curve-balls, and remember to duck outta the way next time one comes flying toward me.

Hope that everyone has the best possible christmas that they can

Take care :)


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thanks for the cute pic Beth :)

Hi Big Sis :)

you're so lucky to get snow :) it hasnt snowed here as of yet, just cold and wet, with lots of floods locally - not good.

I like living here, things are doing alright - so I cant and wont grumble :)

Getting my life back on track - and more importantly - back to living with less of the hyper me. Started taking my medication again, and after a few rough days things have calmed down - thankfully :)

Hoping this time I can convince myself to take the meds regulary, and not convince myself that I dont need them anymore - then maybe just maybe I wont mess up as much again - fingers crossed.

Back in therapy - not completely sure its for the best, but Im trying it again - it could work this time, as long as I stick at it.

New year (again) and I know Ive been at this point before, but Im hoping and trying to be able not to mess up too much this year, unlike last year. Hmmm, gonna be 40 soon enough, time I guess that I grew up and started living like a proper adult! Scarey :D

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things are going ok -still :)

therapy sucks at times, but i suppose its meant to, if it were going to be easy all the time, I would have stuck with it properly years ago.

not so sure I like taking the medication either, it makes me more tired than usual, and taken the energy from me that I normally have - but Im getting by :)

got a job interview in a couple of days time - for like a proper job, where I know Im gonna have to behave and not allow my hypers to rule me - should be, erm, interesting.

hope you all are doing ok,

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It's good to hear from you, Sue. I'm glad things are going okay.:-)

Maybe it takes a while to adjust to the meds and/or find the right dose that benefits you most? Therapy can be challenging, I hear you. It's very positive that you are sticking with it now.

Best of luck to you on your job interview. I hope you continue to heal.

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hey everyone :)

hope you get that job interview Luna :) - and if you do then Good Luck :)

My job interview went ok, I think. Well I didnt completely screw it up - so thats a bonus. was well nervous though, but i think thats only coz I was feeling that way out! Just gotta wait and hear back now - which in all honesty I wont be holding my breath, Im just proud of myself for having the courage to go through with it. :)

Forgotten just how hard it is to be myself - without my silliness taking over me. And how boring I my life is, when Im on medication. Would just like to say that life sucks being grown up. But I suppose in time I will get used to it.

Due to start a training course on pottery, at the local night school, not sure if I will be able to hack all the strangers but I will try. Pottery is something Ive always wanted to learn properly, so Im kinda looking forward to starting that soon.

Its pretty harsh getting used to yet another area, new meds, and different people - think its begining to take its toll on me, but am trying my hardest to smile my way through it :)

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