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been a while



I know its been a while since i last visited here - ooops! Life kinda takes over sometimes. Bebe is now 14 months and walking, even if somewhat wobbly and has well and truely mastered the art of wrapping me round her little fingers :)

Its been a hectic past six months, Bebe and I relocated down south (where its loads warmer) a few months or so ago. Still trying to find my way around the area, but i dont get lost that often now, so its all good.

Hope that my friends here are all ok as they can be.

Take care x


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Hey Beth :), Hey big sis :)

I'm okay enough, actually I'm doing better than I have in years. I've been off medication for quite some time now. Bebe certainly makes me happy. Life took a turn for the worse back in June, my babies daddy went psycho on us - idiot. Thankfully I've learnt a lot over the years and got us to safety as soon as I could. So now my family consists of just my daughter and myself, and our home is a safe house - not what I had hoped for my little one, but at least we are safe and she is flourishing. Just waiting for court cases to begin, and then we can move on with our life completely.:)

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Hi big sis :). Bebe has several gerties. I have passed on my love of them to her, though she does insist on calling them Woofs :D. Bebe seems to be more drawn to lions - maybe they will be her protectors and help guide her through life just as gerties help me.Who knows? One things for sure its real cute watching her play with her soft toy animals and listening to her immitate their sounds :)

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Hey Big Sis :)

Thanks for the wonderful animal cuddlies :) And you could be right, my little girl certainly knows her own mind, I could easily imagine her being a leader of some kind. But whatever she achieves in this world no matter how big or small, one thing is for sure I will be right there with her cheering her on :D

Hows things with you hun? Hope that you are doing okay.

Wish it would snow here, really fancy playing outside with a sled!

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We are getting rain-- it is a very warm December! I was imagining what it would be like if all this rain was snow.

I am on break at last, so my mood is very much improved :D

Trying to get some housework done, but I seem to be taking lots of breaks...

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Its a warm December here too. Its a shame really coz I really want it to snow.

Hope that you enjoy your break big sis and that you have a great Christmas.(I wouldn't worry about the housework hun,, as that can always be done another dayday :)

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